Castle Bromwich Junior School

At CBJS we are proud to be part of the Unity Trust of schools in North Solihull. It is a place where we share our values with other wonderful schools in our area. CBJS is well known for the opportunities it provides for children to take part in music, sport and drama. Every child takes part on the stage in every year they are with us culminating in a musical in Y6. Children learn to play steel pans and the ukulele and this leads to further opportunities for those who want to specialise in a musical instrument. We have a variety of musical groups including a rock band who recently performed at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

We have several links with other schools. Our Y4 children link with children from Merstone Special School. Our Y3 children skype with children from a school in China as well as other activities. Y3 also link with a Muslim school in Birmingham, where the children get to visit each other’s schools. We also have a link with a school in the Gambia. We raise funds through activities like a Fairtrade Tea Party and we have recently donated a laptop to the school to start another skype link with Y5. We share a lot of information with the school using powerpoint. We do a lot of sharing events with parents and follow a creative curriculum.

There is a lot of pressure to achieve good results in maths and English, but we also try to offer as broad a curriculum as we can. At our school ECM [every child matters] still features strongly in our school improvement plan. We have a great staff team of teachers and support staff who feel very positive about our school and the children and families in our school community. We have challenges in achieving 2 levels of progress for all children and ambition to achieve more than that with others so we work hard to generate the highest achievement for them all, while still looking after their well being. In our last inspection in 2010 we achieved an outstanding grade for care guidance and support and equal opportunities. We have a weekly celebration assembly that includes certificates for volunteering. We encourage an understandng of what it means to be part of and to contribute to the school and local community. We have a school allotment, we keep chickens and geese and we are a Green Flag school.

We run a breakfast club supported by UCAS staff through our involvement with Unity and a range of other provision in sport, music and creative arts that has resulted in a better offer to many of our wonderful children. We run an after school youth club catering for about 40 children every week and various lunchtime play groups for those that would otherwise find lunchtime quite challenging. We have gone fully mobile with ICT as we need the ICT room for other teaching uses. We have recently appointed an ICT network manager to build on some excellent provision around ICT. All children have access to mobile netbooks in lessons and we have a variety of software as well as internet access to lots of resources.


Hurst Lane North,
Castle Bromwich,
B36 0HD